Elections Are Rad

You all ready for the 2020 elections? This is the big one, friends. This will decide whether we have 4 more years of authoritarian dystopia, or 4 years of a slightly different authoritarian dystopia. Get out there and vote. Huge stakes. Some of the biggest stakes. I’ve heard people talking, very smart people, and they’re saying these stakes are big. Huge even.

Which color of corporatist, war monger kool-aid do you want to chug? You want that fruit punch, or the baja blast? Both will give you diabetes, but the baja blast gives you a kinder, gentler, sweeter form of diabetes. Some people don’t mind the diabetes, as long as the diabetes is civil and soft spoken while it eats their leg away.

I’m already seeing the same goofy-ass predictions on social media that occurred in 2016. People posting their convoluted forecasts that seem to defy all logic and convey a complete lack of touch with reality. Here are a few:

These aren’t the worst, but I forgot to save the worst at the time I saw them, so these will have to do. For anyone who needs a refresher on how monumentally wrong the media and pundits were in 2016, here’s a small sample:

I think the reason these folks are so terrible at predicting elections is that they tend to have a very one-dimensional view of reality. They all live in the same area, surrounded by people who think and act exactly like they do. There’s very little diversity of thought, or life experience in these circles. If everyone you know says Hillary Clinton is going to win, what reason do you have to think otherwise? Just about everyone in my gated community is voting Democrat, so they’re obviously going to win, right? To be fair this goes the other direction too. There are no doubt plenty of people who can’t fathom an outcome where Biden wins this current election. The difference is that these people usually aren’t employed by the major media companies followed by millions of people.

Hillary was pretty damn sure she had that election in the bag as well though:

The fact of the matter is that this election will be close, just like the 2016 elections were. Anyone not living in a complete bubble would agree I should hope. The media lives in a bubble, which is why they are constantly wrong.

Anybody remember right before Joker came out in theaters, when the media desperately tried to create a false narrative that people were going to be influenced by the main character and shoot up theaters? The internet remembers:

This of course, never panned out. The media never got their sensational bloodbath(s) to write further articles about while raking in those outrage clicks and making ad revenue hand over fist. Poor media. I feel sorry for them. 😢

Sensationalism gets views. It’s why people who aren’t even in the media insist on typing out stupid shit like this and posting it on social media:

This is beyond asinine. It was probably also posted merely to get clicks and draw traffic to this weirdo’s account, but there are people who actually believe these conspiracies.

Anyone remember prior to the 2016 elections when the media also incorrectly predicted that Trump supporters would riot if he lost the election? This magazine cover remembers:

Turns out they almost hit the mark here. What they got wrong however, was that it was Hillary that lost, and her followers were the ones doing the things depicted in this image. This is projection at its finest. It’s also why you should take media predictions with a grain of salt, if not ignore them completely. It’s usually just outrage porn to capitalize on people’s fears and sell more copies.

Another thing to ignore are those ridiculous “This person/group/pet has predicted the election results before” nonsense. You can stumble into this distinction via pure chance. Let’s say on a given year 10,000 pundits, organizations or whatever make a prediction between 2 candidates. With a simple coin toss guess, roughly 5,000 will guess correctly. Four years later, of those 5,000, half will guess correctly on a coin toss prediction. After 12 years, 1250 were right. After 16 years, 625 were correct. 20 years later (5 elections) 312.5 were correct. By this time, those that guessed wrong the first year, but correct every successive year have a 4 election, 16 year streak, and so on.

The number of people/farm animals/inanimate objects that might have guessed 4,5,6 elections correctly is going to be rather huge, and thus inconsequential. We’re talking a 1 in 2 chance of being correct on any given year in a two-party system. This is like the astrology of vote predictions. Meaningless, but entertaining perhaps.

Everyone should just remain calm and realize that regardless of who wins, nothing substantive will change. You still won’t get affordable healthcare, the government will continue finding ways to spy on you and strip you of your rights, and your taxes will continue funding wars overseas that you have no say in. There is a silver lining though:

That is true progress. We are truly blessed to live in this progressive era.

Before I head out, I have some actual good news for real though. Turns out the Patriot Act expired last June:

This is the same Patriot Act that bad president Bush initially passed, and good president Obama kept renewing after getting elected on a platform condemning it. Every time it’s about to expire, the government votes to keep it around, but only after adding new dystopian amendments that consistently ignore Constitutional rights. Trump had initially backed the Act, until he suspected it had been used against him by the previous administration, at which point he unpredictably started to see it as a problem.

It’s important to reiterate that Democrats and Republicans have both consistently backed this Act. This means there’s a good chance the next Democrat or Republican elected after Trump will attempt to push the bill, or a similar bill through again. So if Trump does end up with a second term, at least there will be one upside: four years of slightly less government spying.

Happy voting, everyone!

Post-Quarantine: Day 186

2020 just keeps getting wilder. Seems like only yesterday that 2012 was supposed to be some kind of a big deal. Guess the Mayans were off by 8 years. Not too bad of a mathematical error given the time frame.

The White Riots

The protesting and rioting is still going strong. The rioting continues to consist of a very particular demographic:

More rich kids destroying other people’s neighborhoods before heading back to their parent’s gated communities to play polo on the weekend. One of her fellow rioters was evidently a jet setting model. Of course none of them will face much in the way of repercussions because of their family wealth and connections. This sounds a bit like that white privilege we’ve been hearing about lately. I love the last sentence of this article:

Here’s a bunch of upstanding white youths harassing and blocking a black woman’s vehicle until she finally gets out and chews them out like their parents probably should have at some point:

Good job white kids. You’re really out here observing the spirit of Black Lives Matter by harassing black people. At least you’re not burning down black-owned businesses and ruining people’s livelihoods:

Great work, folks. We’re really making a difference out there. This is exactly the way to go about enacting change and making the world a better place. At least his insurance will pay for it, right? That’s been the justification for a lot of this rioting, after all. The rioters are all adults with adult responsibilities who obviously know how insurance works, right? About that:

Wait. What? Insurance isn’t money that falls from the sky and makes building magically come back like in Minecraft or something? Who would have though literal kids don’t understand anything about money or insurance? Not only are most people not going to get close to the full value of their ruined property, but insurance rates in these areas might skyrocket, meaning they’re being doubly screwed if they do decide to rebuild.

California Fires And Gavin Newsom

California is burning again, which has become more of an annual occurrence than the already all too common droughts. As has been the case the last few times it’s happened, it’s partially the fault of climate change, and mostly the fault of terrible governance.

I briefly hinted at this in the beginning of my 1/15/20 post talking about the Australia fires. These fires happen, and the finger is continually pointed at climate change, while all the other controllable factors are all but ignored. Climate change is a factor, but these fires have happened since before humans were even around, and don’t just happen because not enough people drive a Prius.

Take Australia for example. 46 million acres burned in the 2019-2020 fires. 94 million acres burned back in 2002. 290 million acres burned back in 1974-1975. 110 million acres burned in 1969-1970. 99 million acres burned in 1968-1969. Even all the way back in 1851, 12 million acres burned.

To put this in perspective, thus far the 2020 California wildfires have destroyed 3.4 million acres, with 4.6 million acres burned in total on the west coast.

These fires will naturally happen, climate change or not. Here’s a chart from NASA’s website illustrating the general consensus that global warming slowly started around 1950:

Massive fires didn’t start happening in 1950. Lightning has been a common factor in wildfires since the dawn of time. Wildfires have been such a regular occurrence that certain plants adapted via evolution to survive them, or even thrive in their wake. These plants are called Pyrophytes.

So what is the point of all this information?

Every time one of these fires happens the political narrative is “This is because of climate change”. Well yes, but mostly no. Climate change increases the likelihood by some minute percentile, but it’s never the direct cause. Unless the temperature gets so hot that things start to spontaneously combust (including us), this will continue to be the case.

There is always a human contingent to how these fires start. Many California fires over the last decade have been started by rogue campfires, fireworks, downed power lines, even a few gender reveal parties involving explosives (cringe). All of these fires were ultimately preventable, climate change or not.

Why focus solely on climate change every time this happens? It provides a slick way for politicians to absolve themselves of any responsibility. It’s akin to blaming a gun for a murder, completely ignoring the fact that a human made the choice to commit the act. Politically, it’s far easier to direct fear at a gun and talk about control, rather than attempt to highlight and fix the underlying human factors behind violent crime.

Yes climate change is real. Poor forest management is also real:


That second article is from 2017, predating the last two major fire events that have happened in California. Dry conditions and high temperatures weren’t a factor in the severity of the 2017 fires. Poor forest management was. This has been common knowledge for years, but is continually ignored by California politicians.

Blaming California fires on climate change every time they happen is doing nothing to lessen the chances of them happening year after year. Pointing the finger at climate change is a way of making these particular fires a “global” issue instead of acknowledging them as a California issue. It’s perfectly fine to address climate change, but using it as a scapegoat becomes ridiculous when there are other actions you can take to lessen their severity and decrease their regularity.

You also probably shouldn’t be using climate change as a scapegoat when you’re continually contributing to it:

Fracking is linked in methane spikes in the atmosphere. According to the below article: “…methane heats up the climate over 80 times more than an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide in the first 20 years after it is released into the atmosphere..”


Newsom has a pretty long history of not taking responsibility for things that happen under his watch. Prior to being governor of California, he was mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011, and lieutenant governor of CA from 2011 to 2019. The homeless problem in California exploded during that time and very little was done to effectively remedy the situation. Soon after becoming governor he had this to say:


This is categorically false. The number of out-of-state homeless in California varies between 8 and 10 percent on any given year. Here is the data from 2009/2011, 2015, and 2019:


Lets put on our big boy pants and start managing those forests and stop pointing the finger. Maybe even start tackling that homeless issue you’re been sleeping on for almost 15 years. Thank you, sir.

Trump And The Nobel Prize

Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Price recently, and people are none too happy about it. He is “literally Hitler” after all.

The news comes after two peace treaties were established, one between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and one between Israel and Bahrain.

Realistically, this is just a gesture and he won’t end up winning the prize. Firstly, the nomination process is a bit casual. There’s a huge pool of individuals who may nominate anyone at any time. The nomination came from just 2 guys in parliament in Sweden and Norway. There are also 318 people in the running for the prize this year. The whole process seems to be less official than most TV Awards™ ceremonies.

Secondly, the treaties thus far have been between countries that were never at war. Not that it’s an empty gesture necessarily, but not exactly one that would warrant a peace prize. It’s also a bit early to be celebrating. There was talk about a nomination back in 2018 over North Korean peace talks, but nothing came of that. Not much came of the peace talks either, seeing as how North Korea is still on guard, so the talks of a Peace Prize were a bit premature.

Ultimately, it’s ridiculous to give a peace prize to anyone whose job involves deciding which countries to bomb on any given day. There are better individuals to award these prizes to. No U.S. president should realistically be eligible, seeing as how we bomb more countries than anyone else on the map year after year.

These aren’t exactly peacekeeping guys we keep putting into office. There are plenty of countries that manage to go a full year without bombing any other country. As a matter of fact, the Nobel committee has regrets about awarding Obama the prize back in 2009:

I’m sure the committee wants to save face, and doesn’t want to risk giving the award to someone who might not end up living up to the accolade again. This tweet represents how low the “peace” bar is, however:

We’re bombing seven countries currently, but a record was broken because we didn’t start bombing an eighth one. Good job, everybody. World peace is right around the corner.

Post-Quarantine: Day 172

What’s new? More protesting, more rioting, more violence, more deaths, more dishonest political pandering, and more propaganda. There must be an election around the corner or something.

We’re about 2 months away from the 2020 elections, and we’re entering the desperate, last-minute, Hail Mary pass phase of U.S. politics. I touched on this a little in my last post, but I’m going to go a little more in-depth with this one.

As previously stated, the Democratic establishment seemed to be banking on capitalizing on Covid fears to wrangle votes, while the Republicans were sticking to the tactic of stirring up fear from the violence occurring in mainly Democrat-run cities. Of these two tactics, it seems things ended up working out more in favor for the Republicans. Kamala Harris, who has spent the last 3 months on twitter sticking to the topics of Covid and the USPS ordeal, finally tweeted this out:

She literally hasn’t said a peep about the ongoing violence for at least the last 3 months. I scoured her twitter before writing this to check. It seems either a) she wasn’t aware this was going on, or b) the Democrats were intentionally avoiding this topic until now. She isn’t stupid, there’s no way she’s this out of touch, so one can only assume the Democrats were just ignoring this problem for whatever reason. Keep in mind, this has been going on for months, and the death toll from these riots is currently over 30.

My guess would be that Trump’s constant focus on the riot violence was having a more successful impact in the polls than the constant focus on Covid that Biden and Harris were pushing. It feels like most people have essentially moved on with their lives, and learned to live with Covid. They aren’t subject to the same fears they had months ago before the protests and riots reached fever pitch. The Democrats finally realized they were out of touch by continuing to focus on Covid all these months later, and needed to pivot to a new fear.

All modern politics are driven by fear. Politicians generally don’t run on platforms of change and new ideas, because then they have to follow through with those promises, and politicians tend to fail horribly at actually following through with their campaign promises. Invoking fears of the bad things the other party will bring, while promising to be the antidote to those very fears is far easier. People are inherently tribalist and easily persuaded by these tactics. Obama ran on a platform of not being Bush, then just doubled down on the wars and government spying he claimed to be against once he was in office. To this day, people are still willing to overlook all of this because of political tribalism.

Trump’s focus on the riots was having a greater impact, so now Biden and Harris are finally going to focus on the riots too. The previous tactic had been to either downplay, or outright ignore that they were even happening. Here is how MSNBC and CNN have consistently and quite comedically been downplaying the riots for months:

The ignore and/or deny tactic no longer works in an age where everyone has a smartphone and every event is recorded. The legacy media really needs to enter the 21st century and realize this. People can watch endless videos of carnage all over twitter and youtube, free of any fabricated media narrative. Lying only works when you have complete control over the flow of information, which the media no longer does.

If the Democrats had addressed this violence sooner, instead of pretending it didn’t exist, they’d be in a much better place right now. This tactic is not effective:

Now the game plan has switched to “Acknowledge the rioting, but blame it all on Trump”.

This would be a great point, if not for two major problems: 1) There were a record number of riots during Obama’s presidency, and 2) This completely absolves responsibility from governors and mayors.

According to wikipedia, there were *checks notes* 29 separate riot events during the period where Biden was Vice President. By comparison there have been 8 under Trump so far. I’m sure conservatives blamed those riots on Obama/Biden, but did Biden take responsibility for them? I’d put my money on “doubt it”. He wasn’t to blame though. If a riot breaks out in Miami, the mayor of Miami needs to handle it. If problems arise in Maine, that’s state governor is in charge. We have mayors and governors for a reason. Biden has been in government for 45 years. He’s well aware of all this.

If there have been 90 days of rioting going on in a city, that mayor is to blame for not being able to handle that issue. That mayor can request federal assistance, at which point the president comes into play. There’s absolutely no point in having a mayor if they don’t do anything or aren’t responsible for the city they were elected to run. Passing on the blame doesn’t make you a good leader. Just because Trump does it, doesn’t mean you’re justified in doing it.

Yet this is what they’ve continually done. Failed at handling the problem at hand, then pointing the finger at everybody else. A few of these mayors have egged this stuff on, until it showed up in their neighborhoods, at which point they predictably started to take it seriously:

Quite noble to let the poor areas get wrecked, then call in the calvary when the danger gets a little too close to the “off limits” zone where you live.

Here’s quite the “life comes at you fast” moment. Portland mayor Ted Wheeler felt the need showboat with a letter of refusal for federal help:

And this is what happened later that day:

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey was at this phase back in early June. He downplayed the issues of violence, pandered at every opportunity, and was subsequently booed out of a public square because he wouldn’t agree to abolish the police. This is where he’s at now:

A huge part of the problem here is that nobody has been willing to acknowledge the difference between protests and rioting. Both have been going on for months now. The protests, consisting of the overwhelming majority of people, have largely been peaceful. The riots are being perpetrated by an entirely different group of people. The Democrats have been unwilling to acknowledge this for whatever reason, and the Republicans have capitalized by conflating the two:

I’m sure Kamala Harris was referring to the actual protestors here. The ones gathering, holding signs, chanting, or whatever else. This is not to be confused with the rioters, who go out with the sole intention of destroying property and looting. Kamala, being a cop and all, should definitely know the difference between the two groups. Most of the people offering to bail out protesters, actually mean protesters. Both protesters and rioters were being arrested for different reasons. This tweet is intentionally misleading.

Tweets like the one above are able to be misleading because the other side has done a fabulous job of not condemning the rioting and constantly downplaying it. In his defense, Biden finally spoke up about a month ago, though I’m not sure where this response was posted. He never spoke out on this topic on his twitter account until August 30th.

Perhaps the reason they didn’t condemn this earlier is because the “rioting is good” crowd on the left are quite a vocal bunch. But once again, these types of folks love the concept of rioting until it comes too close to where they live:

these tweets were about 48 hours apart

The pro-riot crowd tends to be overwhelmingly white and middle class. They also tend to hold Marxist, and/or communist beliefs. Absolutely none of them is pro-Biden, so it’s strange that the Democrats or any Democrat voter would parrot these sentiments. Anyone doing so is essentially acting as a useful idiot to broadcast someone’s else’s political beliefs all over social media, and these political beliefs aren’t going to benefit Biden’s campaign.

In the wake of these riots being condemned, I’m also seeing a lot of conspicuous narrative pivoting to blaming the riots on everyone but the ones doing it. It’s like we’ve passed the denial and anger stages, and now we’re sitting firmly in the bargaining stage. The riots aren’t being denied any more, but now we’re trying to cope by blaming them on the family dog. All of a sudden the pro-business, pro-capitalism, evil right wingers are infiltrating cities and destroying stuff, and not these types:

It’s cute that people have the gall to blame the rioting on everyone except the people openly justifying and cheering on the rioting. The irony of that last tweet is that the rioting started over one person, but now has a death toll of over 30. Then we have this guy:

The book being referenced is called In Defense of Looting by “white Marxist academic, Vicky Osterweil”. Yes, more white Marxist kids advocating for the destruction of poor communities. It’s a pattern that just keeps repeating the longer you go digging around. Meanwhile, here’s how actual black people tend to feel about all these kids running around destroying shit:

I also haven’t been able to find any proof of substantive change due to riots. In articles by outlets such as Vox, Bustle, and The Hill, the changes presented tended to be minor concessions that didn’t fix the issues that led to the riots in the first place. Things like “investigations”, people being fired from positions, or police diversity hiring. The fact that we’re more than 25 years removed from the L.A. riots and we’re still stuck in this endless cycle is kind of proof positive that riots haven’t had the payoff people would like to believe.

Unfortunately, studies tend to show that riots ultimately have a net negative effect in their wake:


In the wake of violence and lawlessness, we tend to end up with increased police presence and policies that are more oppressive in nature. It shouldn’t require a study to highlight the logic behind this. If you break into a bank, they don’t decrease security in the aftermath.

Ultimately, policy change is what alters how government works. The ones doing the rioting will claim that only violence brings about change, while simultaneously acknowledge they are attempting to achieve goals like “abolishing the police” via policy change. The difference here, is that they are attempting to meet that goal through violence and intimidation instead of through voting. The actual alternative to policy change is overthrowing the government, which nobody is attempting, or realistically capable of doing.

Of course there are policies being put forth, but nobody seems to care about policy change when it matters. The media doesn’t cover it because it isn’t sensational, and the establishment politicians don’t amplify it because it limits their power, and the problems these polices aim to fix don’t affect them. The rioters don’t care, because it’s more fun to remain politically ignorant, role play as a revolutionary and set mailboxes on fire.

Here’s a bill that was written 3 months ago that has evidently been sitting on the Speaker of the House, aka Pelosi the millionaire mummy’s desk collecting dust:

Everybody’s favorite punching bag Rand Paul was in the news recently for being harassed by a group of our intrepid, yet not terribly informed protestors:

The irony of this is that he introduced the “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” back in June, so he’s quite familiar with her name, and even knows her family. Might help to educate yourself a little before you start indiscriminately hounding people out in public:

Maybe these goofballs should be swarming Nancy Pelosi and hounding her to bring that qualified immunity bill up for a vote. They probably won’t because it’s highly unlikely any of this is actually about reform of any kind. It feels like most of this is just performative at this point, and will just continue until we get that “regressive backlash” the study above mentioned. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Post-Quarantine: Day 160

So, what’s new? For starters, the official Democratic ticket for the 2020 election will be Joe Biden, with Kamala Harris as his Vice president. Yikes.

Joe Biden can hardly form a full coherent sentence, and Kamala Harris is the police. Sounds like the premise of a really bad buddy cop flick. The Democratic establishment is well aware Biden isn’t cut out to be president, which is why they’ve taken their sweet time choosing his VP. Nobody cared about Biden while he was Obama’s vice president. Like most VP picks, they probably just pulled a name out of a hat. Literally all he did was sniff little kid’s hair. Eight years of hair sniffing. What a solid resume. Even he makes it sound like his VP will end up doing all the work:

Is Kamala Harris going to be leading the nation in January, or are they both going to be leading? The way he’s worded it, makes it sound like it’s going to be a bit of a surprise. One of his handlers more than likely runs his twitter account though, so can’t blame him for that. Biden is so incoherent he makes George W Bush sound eloquent by comparison. Try listening through his full “Corn Pop” speech on youtube. It’s like listening to someone have a stroke for 10 minutes. None of his thoughts are connected, and I’m not even sure what the point of the speech was supposed to be, if there even was one.

Trump isn’t exactly eloquent either, so this should be an entertaining match-up come November. This is assuming the DNC doesn’t try everything in their power to prevent Biden from debating, which is quite likely.

Then we have Kamala Harris. We’re still in the midst of people protesting police overreach, and the Democrats decided to run a vice president who practically wrote the book on police overreach. Interesting tactic to say the least. The bigger media platforms aren’t going to call her on any of this, but luckily random people on the internet are doing their work for them:

This guy’s full thread on twitter outlines about 2 dozen other examples

It’s almost as if the Democrats are so sure they’ll win that they’re just going to pretend these two are progressives and assume people will vote merely on the basis of them not being Trump. Polls already seem to bear this out:

It’s amazing to me that even with candidates that were popular outside of the Democratic establishment (Sanders, Yang, Gabbard) the Blue Mafia decided to push two individuals who are so unpopular that most of their votes in November will come from people who actively dislike them. This tone-deafness is partially why they lost in 2016, and potentially why they will lose again in 2020.

2 months ago I probably would have put money on Trump losing the upcoming election. Since then, I’ve reverted back to being the the fence (I had the 2016 elections at 50/50 for reference). I think the Democrats are largely banking on people voting against Trump due to his less-than-stellar handling of Covid19. They seem to be either downplaying or completely oblivious to the concerns with the lawlessness taking place in cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland, among others.

Half a billion dollars in damage, and 1,500 damaged or destroyed properties in Minneapolis alone. I wasn’t able to find current information on total damages in Seattle and Portland at this time. The weak argument of “it’s just property” isn’t going to cut it for the people whose livelihoods were ruined via their businesses or homes being destroyed. People pay taxes so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to them. And let’s be clear: police (government) violence and/or corruption is never an excuse for destroying innocent people’s lives and livelihood. Misdirected hostility is still hostility.

I don’t necessarily believe this mayhem is flipping many into Trump voters, but not everyone affected by this widespread violence and destruction is simply going to hand over a vote for a party that has failed this extravagantly. Many of these people currently have worse concerns than a Coronavirus. The areas worst hit won’t be recovering from this damage any time soon. The repair costs will merely be passed on to the residents who stick around via increased taxes. This burden will be felt way after Covid19 is long gone. This is terrible P.R. for the Democratic party, and these images and videos are being amplified all over social media.

If anything I think the two major parties will have worse voter turnout in total than they did in 2016. People who only read partisan propaganda outlets tend to be grossly uninformed on just how much wiggle room there is in U.S. voting. These two memes do a good job of representing how little of a stranglehold the two main parties actually have:

All of this leads us into the next topic:

USPS conspiracy theories

I love a good conspiracy theory. They’re all over the place on social media. Masks are being used by the government to control us. Every Hollywood actor who voices a political opinion is suddenly a suspected pedophile. Every political candidate someone dislikes is somehow a “Russian asset”, and “Russian meddling” is why candidates they don’t like win elections.

Now we have a host of USPS related conspiracy theories. Evidently Trump is attempting to steal the election by dismantling the post office. Leading up the the 2016 elections, you couldn’t get on social media without stumbling across countless articles about how the election was going to be rigged and how one of the two candidates was going to steal it. It’s almost ingrained in our election culture that the “other side” is going to attempt to steal the vote.

The conspiracy started in part because of Trump tweeting out stupid stuff like this:

That was the tweet that set the ensuing conspiracy theories into motion. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon took root, and now there was suddenly “proof” of this conspiracy theory everywhere. Have you ever purchased something new and suddenly you’re seeing that item everywhere you go? That’s the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon:


Once people are absolutely convinced that Trump is trying to steal the election by getting rid of the post office, they start seeing “evidence” everywhere, and begin tweeting out stuff like this:

The problem is that neither of these photos have anything whatsoever to do with Trump. That’s 175k cumulative likes on two factually incorrect tweets. Welcome to partisan political twitter, where this kind of thing happens constantly. Now here’s what is actually happening in the above photos:

This is the deal with the locked mailboxes:

Here’s an article from 2016 explaining the same concept:

Here’s one more article from 2016 explaining how the USPS permanently removes mailboxes from time to time:

There’s plenty of evidence disputing the authenticity of all these USPS conspiracies. As of writing this, a new one has cropped up that I haven’t had time to look into yet, involving sorting machines. We’ll see how that one pans out.

Ultimately, the theory that Trump is going to steal the election by crippling the USPS is a bit stupid, mainly because he’d be harming himself most of all. A large portion of his voter base is white and 65 years of age or older. That also happens to be the demographic that votes by mail the most. Whether or not he’s aware of these stats is another story:


Regardless, as for now, I’m gonna have to label this myth: Busted.

In keeping with the Trump news:

The Banning of TikTok

On August 6th, an executive order was passed that would ban the Chinese-owned app TikTok unless it is sold to an American company. TikTok has, in return, filed a lawsuit challenging the order.

Of course, this news immediately led to countless conspiracy theories:

Boomers and 15 year-olds all over the internet started to throw out uninformed hot takes blaming the ban on “Trump being mad”.

The posts from the Independent and “OK BOOMER” refers to Sarah Cooper, who posts funny skits that poke fun at Trump. The post from Mr Farkas refers to an incident wherein TikTok users were alleged to have been the reason for the terrible turn-out at Trump’s June 20th rally in Tulsa Oklahoma. The arena the event was held at ended up only filling up to 1/3 capacity. This was more than likely due to Covid19 fears and bad PR leading up the the event. The overflow area outside of the arena was also sparse, which implies that people just weren’t as interested in the event as was being advertised by Trump himself.

Despite the uproar from teenagers everywhere, this ban didn’t just fall out of the sky. India banned TikTok back in June. In July, Wells Fargo and Amazon banned the app on phones used in their buildings for security reasons. Also in July, Biden’s political campaign instructed staff to delete TikTok. In February of last year the FTC fined TikTok’s parent company ByteDance for “collecting information from minors under the age of 13”. Apparently TikTok continued to violate these regulations:

TikTok has also been accused of curating content in numerous countries, including banning LBGT-positive posts, and posts that are critical of particular governments. Numerous accounts have been banned for calling attention to the human rights of the Uyghurs in China. They also just can’t seem to stop snooping:

TikTok has consistently been a security concern for most of its existence. It isn’t being banned because meany Trump is a poopoo head and mad.

A lot of people in the U.S. have this phenomenal delusion that the president just sits around decreeing things like a king. That’s not the way the government works. There are a massive amount of people who are a part of the government machine. We have a Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense, among 6 billion other government departments. The entirety of our government (state and federal) outnumbers the populations of like half the countries on Earth. This isn’t a one-man operation.

It’s quite possible Trump didn’t even know what TikTok was until one of these defense departments brought these security concerns to his attention. People tend to forget that he’s 74 years old, and his background is in real estate, not the tech industry.

I also see this phenomenally bad take a lot:

The argument is essentially that corporations snoop on us and take our information all the time, TikTok is no different, therefore this can’t possibly be a security concern. Not all corporations are the same here.

There is a separation between US companies and the US government. This is not the case in China. 76 of China’s Fortune500 companies are government owned. For comparison, the USPS is the only government owned US company on that same list:


When you give your information to Apple, Microsoft, Google, or any other US company, that company has your information, but the government does not. When you give your information to a Chinese-based company, the Chinese government absolutely has access to any of that information. Their government has access to any information it likes via law:


Private companies in China can’t withhold data from their government the way US companies can and do. Does anybody remember the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in 2015? During the investigation that ensued, the FBI wanted Apple to give them backdoor access to secured data on the shooter’s phone:

Apple said no. Apple, being a U.S. company, didn’t have to comply with the government and give up secured data. The government wanted backdoor access to the iOS, and Apple declined on the principal that doing so would potentially compromise all of their users data. Apple was allowed to put business interests ahead of government demands. No company in China has this luxury.

The Chinese government absolutely has access to information collected by TikTok. The grey area is whether or not the Chinese government has access to this information if it’s stored on US servers. Is the data only stored on U.S. servers, or are copies sent to China? Does China have direct access to the servers to begin with? Only TikTok would know all this information for sure.

Another point people throw out is: “Who cares if the Chinese government has access to my data?”. The U.S. government cares. If someone on a military base is using TikTok, China might obtain access to sensitive data. TikTok can read your phone’s clipboard, meaning anything you copied while using your phone can be collected by the app. What if someone copied an address, or a code of some sort? What if they took a picture of something sensitive? This is why TikTok was banned from military issued phones back in January.


Basically, if you’re using TikTok, you should probably make sure you aren’t hitting control+c on any nudes. Unless you want Xi Jinping to check out your cheeks, then by all means, go for it.

Who The Frick Is K.W. Miller?

Who the frick is K.W. Miller? That’s a great question. Honestly, it probably doesn’t really matter, but I need to write a post about something, and I’m not ready to jump back into Covid19 related stuff yet, so I’m going to write about K.W. Miller.

This fella is running for congress in Florida, and he’s decided to drum up P.R. for himself in a bizarre manner. This P.R. mainly entails throwing out conspiracy theories and making thinly veiled threats towards people via telling them they’re “on notice”. He seems to be employing the brash Trump-esque method of political self-promotion. It’s part politics, part WWE theatrics.

I guess he mainly went unnoticed on twitter until he finally penned his first platinum tweet:

If you’re getting poor traction on twitter, and you’ve exhausted all other measures, going full Alex Jones always seems to do the trick.

I think this is the tweet where he realized that if he’s going to get noticed on twitter, talking about actual policy probably isn’t the way to go. Throw out some saucy tweets about Deep State™ agendas and globalists, and all of a sudden you’re getting retweeted thousands of times. This is how U.S. politics currently works though. Pandering and sensationalism ultimately win out over boring political talk.

I tried to come at this article by grouping his ridiculous tweets into some sort of logical organization, but they’re completely all over the place. His account is almost run exactly like a meme or parody account. This even became a running joke at one point with Tim Heidecker of Tim And Eric™ claiming he was the one behind the account:

The account is currently still up, though K.W. seems to occasionally wipe all his tweets and start fresh with a new batch of ridiculous material. The following tweets are all deleted now as of mid-July, so these are all rare tweets, and might fetch decent money on the tweet black market.

Here are some of his views on masks:

Putting people “on notice” has become his trademark of sorts:

Then the Great Bean Wars™ of 2020 transpired, wherein a company held the wrong political views, and adults suddenly turned into babies. The tribalist idiocy of politicizing inanimate objects to own the other political team returned with a vengeance, not seen since the Keurig Wars™ of 2017 and the Nike Wars™ of both 2018 and 2019. Mr Miller was quick to capitalize on and take part in this stupidity:

He’s also fond of drinking coffee and making the same gender joke over and over:

He randomly spouts off about all sorts of completely unrelated things, often in the same day, mere hours apart. He even calls Florida “the greatest hell scape known to mankind” in one of his tweets, which is an interesting take for someone attempting to win an election there:

It seems like this was his biggest tweet at the time:

The above is a play on this facebook post from 2015 that spawned a bunch of other internet memes, so despite being in his mid-50’s, K.W. Miller is at least slightly in touch with meme culture it seems:

Maybe he’s playing a bit of a character, or is potentially more self-aware than a lot of people seem to be giving him credit for. If so, he’s more than likely tanking his chances of actually winning his election because he keeps going a little to far with certain tweets and receiving backlash. He got heat for this one, and wiped a lot of his tweets shortly after:

Well that’s a hell of a take. He’s probably already taken too much bad P.R. from his twitter shenanigans to stand a chance of winning his election in November, but it is Florida we’re talking about, so maybe he stands a chance.

Good luck, Florida.

Great Job, David Garrick

You might have read that title and asked yourself: “Who the hell is David Garrick?” Exactly. Who the hell is David Garrick?

The David Garrick of consequence was an actor and playwright from the 18th century. The David Garrick I’m writing about is some goofball who reviews music, despite barely being able to write, and seemingly not understanding how reviews are supposed to work.

I chanced upon this fellow because I got nostalgic for the sweet tunes of late-90’s Turbonegro, after listening to a Ramones song that reminded me of a Turbonegro song, because Turbonegro often referenced their influences on their albums, including the Ramones, whom they were influenced by. Nice.

It was then that I decided to do a good old Google™ search to see what Turbonegro has been up to these last few years. Imagine my shock when the 4th result that showed up on Google™ was an article titled “Is Turbonegro Racist or Completely Clueless” on a website called Houston Press. The article is from 2018, but I’m perfectly fine writing a critique 2 years after the fact.

Mr Garrick evidently writes music “reviews” for this site, but literally nothing he writes even remotely passes as a review.

He wrote a “review” for a band called Grand Old Grizzly that is 215 words long, consists of 4 paragraphs, and just throws out a few adjectives to describe a few songs. This post is already 241 words long as of here, and this is just some bullshit I’m writing to entertain myself and perhaps anyone else who happens to chance across it. I’m not getting paid to write this, nor do I have the gall to declare myself a “music writer”, despite the fact that I’m currently writing about music with this very post.

The Turbonegro “review” also doesn’t quite meet the requirements to be considered a review. Though to be fair, maybe he doesn’t consider his aimless ramblings reviews, so much as a loose assortment of words meant to meet some sort of word count quota.

Here is his third paragraph:

When it was announced that the band had a new record called ROCKNROLL MACHINE coming via Burger Records, I thought, who cares?  I mean, the band is on singer number four and their sound is typically for people who live in the past. When was the last time you heard someone under 30 talk about Turbonegro?  Not having relevance in the music world has seemed to be this band’s forte.

Phenomenal way to start off a review of an album.

“Hey guys, who even cares about this band? Only losers listen to this type of music. I really couldn’t care less about this band, yet for some reason I’ve decided to spend the time and effort on writing a review about their latest album.” -David

This is really doing a great job of qualifying yourself as an objective voice for the ensuing review.

He then proceeds to spend the next five paragraphs complaining about a single line from a single song, before ending the review. Yes, he literally reviews one line from one song on an album of eleven tracks, then calls it a day. Great work. Very informative. Quality writing.

In the offending track, the line “I’m cheaper than a Mexican” is used, which had the following effect on our intrepid reviewer:

…which threw me for a loop. I listened and re-listened to make sure I was hearing it correctly, because as a journalist, you don’t wanna’ call out anyone and be incorrect.

Evidently he’s a “journalist” now, and doesn’t wanna “call out anyone and be incorrect”, despite the fact that he wrote an entire article about a band he doesn’t even care for, predicated solely on the premise that the band is racist because of one line from one song. Even then, he got that part wrong.

The band released a statement clarifying that the album is about a reactionary, bigoted cyborg “bragging about how he is going to take over the world and destroy the job market”. Kind of a goofy premise for an album, but the lyric in question suddenly makes more sense in that context. Seems like someone reviewing an album would have been a little better at actually listening to the lyrics before writing a screed condemning the band.

Perhaps David didn’t even care to listen to the whole album. Perhaps he stopped after hearing the word “Mexican” three songs in, so he could devise the best way to go on a self-righteous crusade to smear the band and feel a sense of superiority. Based on the following lines from his “review”, I feel that perhaps this is the case:

…how does this type of trash find a label to release their records?

The truth is, it’s not funny. No matter who you are, or who you’re trying to reach, the lyrics are racist, especially when sung by a white man.

There’s zero excuse for these lyrics being out in the world

As it stands, this kind of racist garbage needs to exit music sooner than later, or bands like this can exist on the websites of White nationalist groups, but not on any streaming site or digital storefront.

In this time, with this president who seems hell bent on dividing us, maybe this kind of garbage has a home, somewhere.

Yes, a grown-ass adult human man wrote all this in an article “reviewing” an album he seemingly didn’t even bother listening to all the way through. This article is from 2018, but in 2020, this gentleman would appropriately be referred to as a “Karen”. He even asked to speak to the band’s “manager” as it were:

We reached out to Burger Records as to why they’d release an album with such blatantly racist lyrics..

What an embarrassing man.

Anthony Fantano And Cancel Culture

Things have been slow in the Covid realm, so I’m gonna take a quick detour. Anthony Fantano, “The Internet’s busiest music nerd” has dropped yet another stupid take on twitter. I say another, because the guy consistently says stupid stuff on twitter. He says stupid stuff because he desperately wants to be famous and taken seriously, and not relegated to merely a music reviewer on the internet.

Its no different than when someone who has a viewer base solely from something like acting or music decides to start sharting their opinions out on topics they know little about all over social media. It’s a symptom of arrogance. I have a lot of online followers, therefore I must be intelligent and enlightened on all matters, even those I literally know nothing about. Therefore I must chime in on absolutely everything, all the time.

So, he chimed in and gave his melon-headed opinion on “cancel culture” recently.

Why is this an astronomically stupid take? Because when most people refer to cancel culture, they are referring to the toxic act wherein people attempt to ruin other people’s careers or even lives over things as simple as mere disagreements.

When people make these terrible sweeping generalizations that “only bad people get cancelled”, they’re being dense at best and disingenuous at worst. This isn’t just about people reacting to other people being shitheads. This post is me reacting to someone being a shithead. This post isn’t a representation of cancel culture. I’m not trying to hurt Fantano’s career or finances. I’m not trying to incite mob justice against him. I’m just expressing my opinion about him.

People regularly get doxxed (the illegal posting of personal information), simply because someone else disagrees with them online. People rat on their co-workers and try to get them fired simply because they disagree with them. People project lies into the public sphere, that often result in lives being turned upside down.

Anyone heard of Johnny Depp? He’s this guy whose last wife made up lies about abuse that were spread via publications and social media. Despite the fact that there was no credible evidence of abuse other than allegations, Depp’s image and career were impacted. Everyone was bandwagon hating on this guy for months. The Harry Potter cult even spearheaded petitions to get him removed from a Fantastic Beasts film.

Turns out, his ex-wife Amber Heard was the abuser, being caught on audio recordings stating as much. Whoopsie! She also attacked him on one instance that almost resulted in him losing part of a finger. So all those people jumping to conclusions and clamoring for mob justice were wrong? The mob isn’t always right? Who would have figured?

This is what people who complain about cancel culture are fighting against. This isn’t simply about individuals being held accountable for things they say or do. They’re against this unthinking mob justice wherein people who should probably mind their own business feel the need to interject themselves into conflicts that don’t involve them. They are obsessed with feeling like the judge, jury and executioner. It gives them purpose.

The people engaging in this behavior don’t always do their due diligence to make sure they have the right person. They’re not particularly concerned with the ethics behind what they do, and sometimes just engage in this behavior for personal gain. Putting someone on blast on social media nets you a lot more “likes” than simply confronting that person one-on-one. Internet likes are worth more than another person’s well-being to many an online narcissist.

This isn’t a harmless endeavor. Numerous people have been bullied into suicide by this “culture”. Countless people have been wrongly accused of things they didn’t do. At its worst, it often devolves into a type of witch-hunt.

This dipshit recently used her platform as a game designer to direct her mob of followers after someone involved in a hit-and-run. Problem was, the person she accused of the crime wasn’t even involved:

Turns out it wasn’t a “white supremacist”, but some random black dude in the car, who was later arrested.

This isn’t the first time she’s been a horrible person online either. This is a pattern of behavior and not just a one-time thing. She never faces repercussions, and never learns her lesson. She’ll continue to behave like this because it draws traffic to her account. She just locks her account when inevitable backlash comes her way, then goes back to being an asshole when the coast is clear.

This is why random people with an online presence shouldn’t attempt to be detectives. Leave this kind of thing to the people who are actually trained to do this. The empty online validation isn’t worth the life you may put in harms way to obtain it.

Which brings us back to Anthony Fantano. His tweet above is especially stupid because he himself was a victim of this cancel culture.

In late 2017, the publication The Fader produced a hit-piece accusing Fantano of being alt-right. Alt-right is a cutesy euphemism publications and pundits use to legally skirt calling someone a Nazi. Richard Spencer is alt-right. Anthony Fantano is just a run-of-the-mill leftist. He also has a black wife, which in a non-stupid world should probably discredit him from being alt-right, aka a Nazi, aka a white supremacist. We live in Stupid World™ though, so inconvenient facts don’t matter.

He was accused of being alt-right because he had a second YouTube channel called “thatistheplan” wherein he posted meme videos. Anyone with a functioning brain would have seen these videos and realized they were just comedic meme videos. But because he had Pepe The Frog™ in a video or two, obviously he must be alt-right. You can click here to read what I wrote back in 2016 about the idiocy surrounding Pepe being deemed racist, if you’re in the dark on this subject.

Why would Fader publish such a blatant hit-piece? The writer was new, and this was his first published article for the publication. Online media thrives on click-throughs and ad revenue. A hit piece on a famous person will definitely rack up the numbers and make a name for some budding young nobody journalist. That article blew up at the time and led to negative repercussions for the music nerd.

So given all this, you would think Fantano would be fairly well-versed on the dangers of cancel culture. You would think that since he had once been a target and dealt with the negative effects, he would be against “cancel culture”. Well, you would be wrong. Here is how he handled people calling him out for his hypocrisy:

That is him calling people “bitch boys” for pointing out it’s somewhat hypocritical for him to downplay cancel culture as merely a reaction to people being shitheads. The guy literally had to cancel a tour over a hit-piece and the ensuing backlash. He had to do damage control in the wake of the article to clear his name. Even Vince Staples called him out for being “alt-right”, which no doubt had an effect on him:

This exchange was eventually deleted off twitter, but the internet never forgets.

As news spread of the previously cancelled Fantano seemingly cheer-leading for the very thing that cancelled him almost 3 years ago, Paul Joseph Watson joined the fray:

Paul Joseph Watson then proceeded to pivot to insulting Fantano’s looks and saying his wife is ugly, because Paul is a dickhead. The above exchange however, is one of the few times Mr Watson has actually had a good point.

Anthony proceeds to dig the hole deeper:

Rodrigo, aka the guy who called Fantano a “bald retard” makes a good point. Anthony seems to be making the case that his cancellation was no big deal because he simply had to lawyer up to get his life back in order. Ok then. Also, cancel culture is somehow a product of capitalism (what?), and capitalism is to blame for everyone not being able to lawyer up over a false accusation and cancellation. There’s some serious mega-brain logic going on here.

He also responded to someone posting a Pepe meme with this:

As we already established above, he was called alt-right 3 years ago in an article for having cartoon frogs in a video he put up. So is he being disingenuous here, or is he admitting that he was alt-right three years ago when he posted those “frog memes” on his YouTube channel? I’m gonna put my money on disingenuous.

It might just be that he posts this stuff for validation. His original tweet ended up getting 25k likes. Getting that much validation is probably a factor in someone deliberately downplaying something that personally affected them. He’s not the only person who lends credence to this theory. There are a lot of people claiming cancel culture doesn’t exist, who were singing a different tunes earlier on:

Interesting. The thing that doesn’t exist, existed when you tweeted about it numerous other times, all of which are searchable on your twitter page.

Cancel culture is a myth guys! I was guilty of engaging in it a mere 5 months ago, but suddenly it doesn’t exist now. It’s a miracle guys! Cancel culture stopped existing once I simply denied it!

This kind of seems like people saying something they don’t truly believe, knowing that they’ll receive positive feedback for doing so, doesn’t it? Look at all those likes for saying something that completely contradicts what they said just months earlier. The people liking these tweets are now probably going around regurgitating these same horrendous takes, because “they must be valid points if they got all those likes”.

This got a lot of likes too though:

It seems there’s a lot of bad actors out there willing to toe a line for online validation. It’s cool though. These people will miraculously start believing in cancel culture again the second they end up in the cross-hairs. Then they’ll use their platforms to cry about how life isn’t fair, and how they’re a victim. When that happens, someone like me will be ready to supply receipts and call them out for being weaselly little turds. It’s the least we can do.

Post-Quarantine: Day 113

Covid19 is powering back up. The last month of it not being taken seriously has really rustled its jimmies, whatever the hell that even means. Some states are slowly starting to close things back down:

Quarantine: Phase 2 might just be around the corner.

A few of the “red” states are starting to institute basic closures, limitations, and mask requirements, and the citizenry aren’t taking it all that well. Texas has finally issued a mask requirement while in public, and the conspiracy theories are pouring out of the woodwork.

Evidently it’s a liberal position to believe that masks can control the virus, at least according to Val🌴🤠🐚Life’sabeach over here. She should probably stay away from the beaches for a minute if she doesn’t want to end up contracting the ‘rona. This is of course assuming she even believes it actually exists and isn’t just an elaborate government mind-control conspiracy.

A lot of the conspiracy theories surrounding Covid19 are quite ridiculous. Most tend to revolve around the government using it to control us. There are others who claim that masks are actually harmful and cause “carbon dioxide toxicity”, despite a large portion of the medical industry wearing masks all day and being just fine. They commonly believe that masks don’t work, often citing those early tweets from health officials that in fact said masks don’t work:

It’s here that I have to point out for the 7th time, that the “experts” really screwed up royally around February and March. We’re still dealing with the repercussions of this. Masks have literally always worked to varying degrees, but because of tweets like those above, swaths of people think that masks don’t work, hence the conspiracy theories about this being a control issue.

Something else that really clouds the Covid19 discussions, is that people tend to solely focus on either the numbers of cases, or number of deaths. Both are relevant stats. Number of cases can go up merely from increased testing. Plenty of people have Covid19 and are asymptomatic. It’s hard to get good data on where we are because people who want to over sell, or under sell the virus tend to focus on whatever stat fits that narrative.

Tony ain’t gonna wear no mask. I thought this was America. The founding fathers didn’t sign the Constitution so that I gotta wear a mask.

😢 CHAZ Update 😢

Hey guys. I don’t know how to break this to you… uh… The CHAZ aka the CHOP isn’t with us any more. It finally got shut down due to it being a phenomenally dangerous shit hole and all. There was one more murder and one wounding right before it shut down, bringing the number of shootings to four.

Rest in piece the CHAZ aka the CHOP. You will always be remembered for your pizza parties and scuffed attempts at gardening. Too bad the power-hungry Che Guevara LARPers had to start running around with guns shooting things and doing ironically fascist things. Maybe next time some trained, accountable (hopefully) group of people can handle security. We’ll call them “the pulice” or something like that.

Oh yea. Here’s some weirdo Seattle voted into the city council with an astronomically bad take on the tragedy at the CHAZ aka the CHOP:

Yes. She’s blaming “capitalism” for two shootings at the hands of designated armed security within CHAZ. Security that I would assume Raz Simone installed (he was handing out guns a few days earlier), who shot up a car two teenage kids were joyriding around in. This was a completely CHAZ related incident. Based on her profile, she appears to be nothing more than an anti-capitalist grifter, so actually, this make perfect sense. The last few years have been an absolute boon for grifters.

CCP Update

China has found itself back in the news recently. It turns out all those Uyghurs they rounded up and put in “re-education” camps are also being systematically sterilized to control their population.

There was another government who once put people into concentration camps and practiced eugenics. I can’t quite remember which one it was to save mein life. Oh well. Maybe it’ll come to me later on.

China did something else completely, totally, non-fascist lately. They penned a “National Security Law” that criminalizes anyone who speaks out about the politics surrounding Hong Kong and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This means all the free Hong Kong protestors are now subject to imprisonment, merely for protesting, and the penalty can be a prison sentence of up to forever. Sounds reasonable.

It actually gets worse though:


China is out here taking draconian measures to unforeseen new heights. If you’ve ever expressed any pro-Hong Kong sentiment on your social media, you should probably just go ahead and cross China off your list of vacation spots. There’s no telling what type of gulag or camp you could end up in if they’re maintaining some sort of database of dissent.

It seems they’ve already started snatching people up over there:

Wait just a minute. What is that? Computer… enhance.

What a curious account. No picture of any sort. Lets take a closer look at that profile.

Hmmmm. Interesting. This account only has 1 tweet, yet it was created five months ago. That certainly seems suspicious. It doesn’t quite seems like the account of an actual person. Lets see the 3 people who liked that “Well done, They deserved” tweet:

Interesting. Computer… enhance.

Two more iffy accounts. The first has no tweets, no followers and is following nobody, yet it somehow found and liked minfengxu’s “Well done, They deserved” tweet. I don’t need to state how suspicious that is. The other account has been around since 2016, but has only tweeted 4 times? Probably not a bot account, but perhaps a wumao account.

Wumao are people online who are paid by the Chinese government (CCP) to spread propaganda, or to like pro-CCP posts and dislike anti-CCP posts. I’d be open to the idea that this is just a conspiracy theory, if not for they fact that these accounts are literally everywhere and often not very convincing.

This account also commented on the Wall Street Journal tweet above:

Yes, “great jobs” indeed, real actual human being. Let’s look at those likes. Computer.. enhance.

Two of the same accounts who liked the last tweet, plus a new one. Let’s look at one more account that commented on that Wall Street Journal tweet:

Similar to “great jobs” from above, but this time with decent grammar. Let’s look at those likes, shall we? Computer… enhance. *beep beep boop boop beep*

Yes, it’s the same 3 accounts that liked the last tweet, and yes I copied and posted a separate screen capture for each list instead of just reusing the same image from above.

Here’s the accounts from the last two posters:

The dog account now has zero followers a day after I took this screenshot. That seems completely natural.

I’m gonna end this here. I could keep this going until the end of time, but you get the point of the massive tangent I just went off on. There’s tons of propaganda accounts all over twitter, liking and posting on all sorts of political tweets, mainly from news agencies. I do find it kind of funny that so much was made of Russian meddling on facebook, yet twitter is flooded with these types of accounts and they don’t seem to be concerned about it in the least. What if..