Post-Quarantine: Day 113

Covid19 is powering back up. The last month of it not being taken seriously has really rustled its jimmies, whatever the hell that even means. Some states are slowly starting to close things back down:

Quarantine: Phase 2 might just be around the corner.

A few of the “red” states are starting to institute basic closures, limitations, and mask requirements, and the citizenry aren’t taking it all that well. Texas has finally issued a mask requirement while in public, and the conspiracy theories are pouring out of the woodwork.

Evidently it’s a liberal position to believe that masks can control the virus, at least according to Val🌴🤠🐚Life’sabeach over here. She should probably stay away from the beaches for a minute if she doesn’t want to end up contracting the ‘rona. This is of course assuming she even believes it actually exists and isn’t just an elaborate government mind-control conspiracy.

A lot of the conspiracy theories surrounding Covid19 are quite ridiculous. Most tend to revolve around the government using it to control us. There are others who claim that masks are actually harmful and cause “carbon dioxide toxicity”, despite a large portion of the medical industry wearing masks all day and being just fine. They commonly believe that masks don’t work, often citing those early tweets from health officials that in fact said masks don’t work:

It’s here that I have to point out for the 7th time, that the “experts” really screwed up royally around February and March. We’re still dealing with the repercussions of this. Masks have literally always worked to varying degrees, but because of tweets like those above, swaths of people think that masks don’t work, hence the conspiracy theories about this being a control issue.

Something else that really clouds the Covid19 discussions, is that people tend to solely focus on either the numbers of cases, or number of deaths. Both are relevant stats. Number of cases can go up merely from increased testing. Plenty of people have Covid19 and are asymptomatic. It’s hard to get good data on where we are because people who want to over sell, or under sell the virus tend to focus on whatever stat fits that narrative.

Tony ain’t gonna wear no mask. I thought this was America. The founding fathers didn’t sign the Constitution so that I gotta wear a mask.

😢 CHAZ Update 😢

Hey guys. I don’t know how to break this to you… uh… The CHAZ aka the CHOP isn’t with us any more. It finally got shut down due to it being a phenomenally dangerous shit hole and all. There was one more murder and one wounding right before it shut down, bringing the number of shootings to four.

Rest in piece the CHAZ aka the CHOP. You will always be remembered for your pizza parties and scuffed attempts at gardening. Too bad the power-hungry Che Guevara LARPers had to start running around with guns shooting things and doing ironically fascist things. Maybe next time some trained, accountable (hopefully) group of people can handle security. We’ll call them “the pulice” or something like that.

Oh yea. Here’s some weirdo Seattle voted into the city council with an astronomically bad take on the tragedy at the CHAZ aka the CHOP:

Yes. She’s blaming “capitalism” for two shootings at the hands of designated armed security within CHAZ. Security that I would assume Raz Simone installed (he was handing out guns a few days earlier), who shot up a car two teenage kids were joyriding around in. This was a completely CHAZ related incident. Based on her profile, she appears to be nothing more than an anti-capitalist grifter, so actually, this make perfect sense. The last few years have been an absolute boon for grifters.

CCP Update

China has found itself back in the news recently. It turns out all those Uyghurs they rounded up and put in “re-education” camps are also being systematically sterilized to control their population.

There was another government who once put people into concentration camps and practiced eugenics. I can’t quite remember which one it was to save mein life. Oh well. Maybe it’ll come to me later on.

China did something else completely, totally, non-fascist lately. They penned a “National Security Law” that criminalizes anyone who speaks out about the politics surrounding Hong Kong and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This means all the free Hong Kong protestors are now subject to imprisonment, merely for protesting, and the penalty can be a prison sentence of up to forever. Sounds reasonable.

It actually gets worse though:

China is out here taking draconian measures to unforeseen new heights. If you’ve ever expressed any pro-Hong Kong sentiment on your social media, you should probably just go ahead and cross China off your list of vacation spots. There’s no telling what type of gulag or camp you could end up in if they’re maintaining some sort of database of dissent.

It seems they’ve already started snatching people up over there:

Wait just a minute. What is that? Computer… enhance.

What a curious account. No picture of any sort. Lets take a closer look at that profile.

Hmmmm. Interesting. This account only has 1 tweet, yet it was created five months ago. That certainly seems suspicious. It doesn’t quite seems like the account of an actual person. Lets see the 3 people who liked that “Well done, They deserved” tweet:

Interesting. Computer… enhance.

Two more iffy accounts. The first has no tweets, no followers and is following nobody, yet it somehow found and liked minfengxu’s “Well done, They deserved” tweet. I don’t need to state how suspicious that is. The other account has been around since 2016, but has only tweeted 4 times? Probably not a bot account, but perhaps a wumao account.

Wumao are people online who are paid by the Chinese government (CCP) to spread propaganda, or to like pro-CCP posts and dislike anti-CCP posts. I’d be open to the idea that this is just a conspiracy theory, if not for they fact that these accounts are literally everywhere and often not very convincing.

This account also commented on the Wall Street Journal tweet above:

Yes, “great jobs” indeed, real actual human being. Let’s look at those likes. Computer.. enhance.

Two of the same accounts who liked the last tweet, plus a new one. Let’s look at one more account that commented on that Wall Street Journal tweet:

Similar to “great jobs” from above, but this time with decent grammar. Let’s look at those likes, shall we? Computer… enhance. *beep beep boop boop beep*

Yes, it’s the same 3 accounts that liked the last tweet, and yes I copied and posted a separate screen capture for each list instead of just reusing the same image from above.

Here’s the accounts from the last two posters:

The dog account now has zero followers a day after I took this screenshot. That seems completely natural.

I’m gonna end this here. I could keep this going until the end of time, but you get the point of the massive tangent I just went off on. There’s tons of propaganda accounts all over twitter, liking and posting on all sorts of political tweets, mainly from news agencies. I do find it kind of funny that so much was made of Russian meddling on facebook, yet twitter is flooded with these types of accounts and they don’t seem to be concerned about it in the least. What if..

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