Who The Frick Is K.W. Miller?

Who the frick is K.W. Miller? That’s a great question. Honestly, it probably doesn’t really matter, but I need to write a post about something, and I’m not ready to jump back into Covid19 related stuff yet, so I’m going to write about K.W. Miller.

This fella is running for congress in Florida, and he’s decided to drum up P.R. for himself in a bizarre manner. This P.R. mainly entails throwing out conspiracy theories and making thinly veiled threats towards people via telling them they’re “on notice”. He seems to be employing the brash Trump-esque method of political self-promotion. It’s part politics, part WWE theatrics.

I guess he mainly went unnoticed on twitter until he finally penned his first platinum tweet:

If you’re getting poor traction on twitter, and you’ve exhausted all other measures, going full Alex Jones always seems to do the trick.

I think this is the tweet where he realized that if he’s going to get noticed on twitter, talking about actual policy probably isn’t the way to go. Throw out some saucy tweets about Deep State™ agendas and globalists, and all of a sudden you’re getting retweeted thousands of times. This is how U.S. politics currently works though. Pandering and sensationalism ultimately win out over boring political talk.

I tried to come at this article by grouping his ridiculous tweets into some sort of logical organization, but they’re completely all over the place. His account is almost run exactly like a meme or parody account. This even became a running joke at one point with Tim Heidecker of Tim And Eric™ claiming he was the one behind the account:

The account is currently still up, though K.W. seems to occasionally wipe all his tweets and start fresh with a new batch of ridiculous material. The following tweets are all deleted now as of mid-July, so these are all rare tweets, and might fetch decent money on the tweet black market.

Here are some of his views on masks:

Putting people “on notice” has become his trademark of sorts:

Then the Great Bean Wars™ of 2020 transpired, wherein a company held the wrong political views, and adults suddenly turned into babies. The tribalist idiocy of politicizing inanimate objects to own the other political team returned with a vengeance, not seen since the Keurig Wars™ of 2017 and the Nike Wars™ of both 2018 and 2019. Mr Miller was quick to capitalize on and take part in this stupidity:

He’s also fond of drinking coffee and making the same gender joke over and over:

He randomly spouts off about all sorts of completely unrelated things, often in the same day, mere hours apart. He even calls Florida “the greatest hell scape known to mankind” in one of his tweets, which is an interesting take for someone attempting to win an election there:

It seems like this was his biggest tweet at the time:

The above is a play on this facebook post from 2015 that spawned a bunch of other internet memes, so despite being in his mid-50’s, K.W. Miller is at least slightly in touch with meme culture it seems:

Maybe he’s playing a bit of a character, or is potentially more self-aware than a lot of people seem to be giving him credit for. If so, he’s more than likely tanking his chances of actually winning his election because he keeps going a little to far with certain tweets and receiving backlash. He got heat for this one, and wiped a lot of his tweets shortly after:

Well that’s a hell of a take. He’s probably already taken too much bad P.R. from his twitter shenanigans to stand a chance of winning his election in November, but it is Florida we’re talking about, so maybe he stands a chance.

Good luck, Florida.

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