Charity, Envy, and Entitlement

The continent of Australia is currently on fire. Let us not get into the “why” at present time, though I’ll probably write a piece about that in the future as well. It’ll be a harrowing tale involving the prevalent pandemic of cult-like political narratives, and how this regularly clashes with actual concrete scientific data, statistics, and reality. Stay tuned.

So multiple big-ass fires have occurred. Thankfully, people start donating their time and labor to the cause. That’s a very nice thing for humanity to do. But, if you’re going to be charitable, make sure you’re charitable enough. Otherwise, the most entitled cult of human beings on the planet might decide to direct their ire at you.

You see, we live in a dark era, where envy and entitlement have become the cornerstone of certain people’s identities. These types will no doubt deny this assertion, but actions dictate the adjectives that describe an individual, and not their own feelings towards those very words.

In the days following this fire, people started to give to charities and word of these donations spread across social media. Then Jeff Bezos decided to donate.

Jeff donated to a good cause, but made the fatal mistake of not donating “enough”. So of course this caused a torrent of backlash from the self-righteous gatekeepers of charitable donations on social media.

What a well-adjusted, virtuous individual. Feeling entitled to someone else’s money for donations really makes you look like the good guy in this exchange, Hipster McChewingGumFlavor.

Here is a nugget of wisdom from a generic cat avatar twitter user. Brilliant use of punctuation and capitalization. She also doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “net worth”, which isn’t terribly surprising. Net worth and money sitting in a bank account are two very different things. Unless she’s implying Bezos should sell off Amazon or his other business holdings to donate to charity, which I highly doubt.

Someone else who doesn’t understand how net worth works. What a shocker. And apparently $700k wasn’t enough of a donation, but one million dollars would have been sufficient for little miss entitlement here. I also appreciate the irony of someone who doesn’t donate calling someone else who does “greedy” for not donating enough. The absolute lack of self-awareness is magnificent.

She’s perfectly fine with wealthy people as long as they give money to her though. I’m sure when she has all that money, she’ll start donating it to people who need it more. I’m also sure I’m the queen of England.

This is the problem with these types of people. They want to live their own lives doing absolutely nothing to help out anyone else, but retain the right to constantly bitch about other people not doing enough. They want the special privilege of not being held to the same standards they hold others to. They are entitled by definition.

This would be like a group of friends having a potluck, only to have one “friend” show up empty handed, while having the gall to shame the others for not bring more. This entitled freeloader would rightly be regarded as the shitty person among the group, yet this kind of behavior is excused or outright celebrated on social media, and it’s gross.

Luckily this entitlement is called out to some degree:

Nailed it. Great job, sir.

Exactly. Call out that entitlement, king.

Sure it’s a bummer Jeff Bezos didn’t donate more. But it’s simultaneously a bummer that other people absolutely refuse to donate to anything, ever. Those who never donate, yet complain about others not doing enough are objectively the worst kind of people. They rarely get called out for this though, and are given carte blanche to throw around every sorry excuse in the book as to why even a dollar is too much for them. Every little bit legitimately helps. Stop being an entitled leech.

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