Cultural Appropriation And Racist Journalists

Where do I even start with this one? Let’s start with the first part of that title.

Cultural Appropriation and Entitlement

Years ago I was going to write an article about cultural appropriation, specifically about how nonsensical of a concept is was. I decided against writing it, because at the time it seemed like a stupid fringe concept that was largely propped up by people with a complete inability to apply critical thought to anything. It’s one of those concepts that if you actually reason it out, it immediately falls apart once you realize how stupid it really is.

Unfortunately, idiocy prevails, and this simple-minded concept is still around and still being used. I don’t want to dwell on this too long because it isn’t the main point of this writing. A petty, grifting, racist journalist is. I’ll try to be brief here.

The argument is that if a person enjoys, uses, partakes in, wears, or performs anything not created by their specific race, they are engaging in “cultural appropriation”. There are a few massive problems here right off the bat.

To start, the term is always used in an entitled manner, 100% of the time. If never applies in both directions. If it doesn’t apply in both directions, it’s inherently hypocritical. Hypocritical concepts are garbage concepts, and consequently hold no validity.

Back in 2018, a white girl in Utah wore a Chinese-style dress to her prom. She wore it because she found it at a thrift store and thought it looked pretty. Of course the rampant dip-shittery of social media kicked in, and a bunch of people got outraged over a complete non-issue.

Yes, 178k people had issues with a girl simply wearing something from a different culture. The internet is truly a smart place full of intelligent people.

It also turns out Jeremy Lam was a bit of a racist, and had a twitter history full of unsavory stuff (liberally throwing the n-word around), for which he was cornered into apologizing for:

This is a phenomenally common theme among people online who call out other people for “cultural appropriation”. They’re just about always people with histories of racism who are merely looking for online validation from calling other people out. There seems to be a strong link between narcissism and racism.

The hypocrisy here is that a girl was being called out for wearing what was the Chinese equivalent of formal wear, or a woman’s “suit” essentially.

At no point did anyone complaining about “cultural appropriation” bring up the fact that the Chinese commonly wear European suits. The modern suit originated in England, yet it’s worn extensively all over the world. So a white girl can’t wear Chinese formal wear without harassment, but the Chinese can wear English formal wear and nobody bats an eye? Is this not a massive hypocrisy? “Cultural appropriation” is largely a bullshit concept, so I’m not going to expect consistency from it’s adherents.

Often if you call out these hypocrisies, someone will try to excuse their double standards by throwing around accusations of “colonization”. For example, they may claim that the Chinese wear suits, not because of their own free will to do so, but because “ThEy WeRe CoLoNizEd!” This excuse doesn’t hold water in this instance, because the only part of China that was ever colonized by Europeans was Hong Kong, which currently accounts for only 7 million of China’s 1.4 billion population. This is like claiming the culture of San Antonio, Texas dictates the culture of the entire US. Both places represent only about 1/185th of the entire population. China decided to wear suits because they are a grown-up ass country who can make decisions for themselves. “Cultural appropriation” is also a term that is distinctly American in it’s ignorance, and not generally observed by other countries.

Japan was never colonized at all, and they willingly adopted the use of European suits as well, which kind of throws a wrench in the whole “colonization” argument, and shows that cultures often employ things that originated in other cultures. Once again, they don’t view this adoption as “cultural appropriation”, which is a term that goofy Americans created.

It’s also important to note that Americans tend to be appallingly ignorant of any history outside of what little U.S. history they actually know. The “colonization” crowd tends to be blissfully unaware of all the non-European empires that colonized the world. I’m not as knowledgeable on this subject as I’d like to be, but here’s a brief Quora answer that highlights a few examples:

Here’s another great example of “cultural appropriation” not being called out uniformly:

Where were those 178k people from Jeremy Lam’s post to call out this cultural appropriation? It’s almost as if the people complaining about cultural appropriation only see it as a problem when white people are doing it. 🤔Thinking face emoji.

As previously mentioned, “cultural appropriation” is largely an American gripe, and is essentially segregationist in nature. America is a melting pot of numerous cultures, and people should be free to interact with and enjoy other people’s cultures. There have been times in US history were other’s cultures were oppressed or demonized, so we should probably be in favor of not gatekeeping everyone’s cultures at this point in history. Unfortunately the “cultural appropriation” crowd are the ones standing in the way of this goal.

Having said all this, I understand there are arguments to be made about the commercialization/monetization of other’s cultures, or erasure of cultural histories, but these are rarely actually the focus of people’s ire. The 178k people whining about a white girl simply wearing a Chinese dress weren’t making a point about commercialization or erasure. There were merely engaging in cultural gatekeeping, which is kind of gross.

Here’s a YouTube comment I dug up from 5 years ago illustrating that even then, people seemed to agree that entitlement was the driving force behind the cultural appropriation call-outs:

I’ve gone on a bit long with the intro to this piece, so let’s get to the actual subject.

Mediocre, Racist Journalists

There is no shortage of mediocre writers and journalists on Twitter who are absolutely garbage human beings, yet are verified by Twitter and continue to have decent online followings. This section is about one such individual.

In the year of our Lord 2021 A.D., one “Roslyn Talusan” decided to gatekeep a white lady writing a book about noodles.

She was consequently inundated with replies asking her why exactly it mattered that a white lady wrote a book about noodles:

Upon being completely ass-blasted in the replies, she did what any narcissist would do. She didn’t admit defeat or reach the conclusion that perhaps she was wrong, but instead, decided to double down.

Hey guys. I wasn’t being serious when I whined about a white lady writing a book. I was just joking. You guys are the idiots because you didn’t realize the thing I was self-righteously complaining about was actually just me joking. It wouldn’t have been a joke if everyone was receptive of my tweet and agreed with it, but because it received so much backlash, it’s now a joke all of a sudden. I’m totally not mad you guys. I’m not losing sleep over this at all.

Same energy:

She literally wrote a 14 tweet barrage explaining how everyone who was disagreeing with her was an idiot, mad, or a racist. Anyone ready for some good old fashioned irony?

She’s accusing people of being “fatphobic” and anti-black because people were responding to a phenomenally racist black woman who she’s friends with, constantly retweets, and who came to her defense.

Yes, that’s the woman she’s accusing people of being anti-black for responding to. The woman saying “sexy and white should not be in the same sentence”. The woman who also regularly tweets shit like this, who Roslyn happily retweets:

I legitimately can’t tell if Roslyn is too stupid to understand the irony of accusing others of being racist while literally liking, retweeting, and outright saying racist shit herself. She might just be so arrogant that she doesn’t see posting stuff like this as racist:

For anyone who doesn’t know, “yt” is a racist dog-whistle for “white”. It’s a way of posting racist remarks on social media, so that other racists can agree with and like your posts. Meanwhile most people are unaware of what “yt” means, and are confused by your posts, assuming “yt” stands for YouTube or something.

This is similar the term “jogger” that was used heavily in 2020. Ahmaud Arbery was pursued and killed by three white men in February of 2020 for allegedly trespassing on someone’s property in the area. He was jogging down the road before the confrontation began. Because of this, racists started to used the term “jogger” to refer to black people in the aftermath. This is a dog-whistle. If someone posted “I hate joggers” on twitter, the average person might just assume they were literally talking about people jogging. Other racists who were familiar with the term would know they were talking about black people and like their posts. The point of a dog-whistle is to be discreet. Only other racists should be in on the terminology. This only works up until the point that people start to catch on though.

Roslyn is a “writer” evidently, so there is no reason she would be spelling white as “yt”, unless she was doing so as a dog-whistle. Here she is continuing to use it in 2020:

A psychologist might look at a tweet like this and see a potential source of why Roslyn started to dislike “yt” people so much. It seems whatever therapist she’s going to is a waste of her money and not really doing her any good however.

This is something else she constantly does on her feed. Begs people for money. Some therapist is bamboozling her out of thousands a year, and the racists who follow her get to foot the bill. Perhaps if she got a hobby and stopped posting toxic shit all over twitter all day, her mental health might improve a little bit. That would be my advice and she doesn’t even need to pay me $1700 dollars for it.

Here she is a mere six days ago posting pure irony in concentrated form:

The irony meter is off the charts with this one. This woman posted a hot, steamy shit-take on twitter, got mostly even-keeled responses, then proceeded to spent the next 24 hours playing the victim. She’s still doubling down and playing the victim as I type this, trying to earn more victim-bucks by posting her paypal yet again. What an absolute goof-fest.

To further prove she totally isn’t racist and only the people disagreeing with her are the racists, here’s a montage of her calling white people “translucents”, which is funny because it shows she’s too dumb to understand why that’s used as a derogatory term in the first place:

Translucent means allowing light to pass through. It’s a term certain racists use for light-skinned people. In yet another case of irony, Roslyn the dumb-dumb doesn’t seem to grasp that she’s every bit as pale as most white people, therefore the term technically applies to her as well. This would be like Wesley Snipes calling Idris Elba a “darkie” as a derogatory term. It doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone be offended by a term you call them that could apply to you as well? If you’re a dummy dumb-dumb pants, you probably wouldn’t see the ridiculousness of it all. Racists are typically dumb people.

The funny thing is, if she had just moved on after the initial stupid-ass post about the noodle book, everyone would forgotten about her within a day or two. She could have gone back to tweeting and retweeting racist stuff to her swamp of followers. But because she had to be a thin-skinned narcissist, and write a 14-post rant in the aftermath while playing the victim, she slipped up and exposed her racism. That’s where people like me come it to dig through their past tweets, and expose them as shitheads.

This is an all-too-common trope unfortunately. A “progressive liberal” type with a timeline full of virtue signalling and calling out injustices who also has a history full of racist tweets. None of this stops them from getting hired into trashy online publications, amassing followings, and getting verified. I could highlight one of these types every week and never run out of content. Then I’d feel gross after reading through their timelines, and I’d need to beg for money for a therapist.

She’s probably still out there somewhere, sitting at her computer, madly insisting she’s not wrong and continuing to call people Nazis for disagreeing with her. Sounds like a very healthy, fun existence.

I’m going to wrap this up by typing her name a lot so hopefully the SEO gods smile upon me, and this post shows up when you search her name. That way more people will know who she is, that she desperately needs help, and can donate more money to her paypal.

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On second though, I should stop this. She might pop out of a mirror like Beetlejuice if I repeat her name too many times.

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